SCCD 31911 Brian Charette Sextette “Power From The Air”



Aaron Cohen of DownBeat observed, “Organist Brian Charette may never know how to stick to any kind of routine” while reviewing Charette’s second sextette album The Questions That Drive Us (SCCD31784). Maybe so but Charette certainly knows how to keep his unique sextette tradition going.  One of the top organists of his generation Brian Charette approaches his instrument in most imaginative way. His now-celebrated Sextette is arguably the best example of his inventiveness. Here again on their third album the woodwind and brass section of 4 led by Charette demonstrates their power to move the air.


“…the winsome logic of Charette’s constructions and the merits of his well-rehearsed band serve as persuasive catalysts for positive consensus.”  (Derek Taylor – Dusted Magazine on SCCD 31784)


BRIAN CHARETTE Hammond B3 organ


MIKE DIRUBBO alto saxophone

KENNY BROOKS tenor saxophone

KAREL RUZICKA bass clarinet


Recorded December 2019


1   FRIED BIRDS (Brian Charette) 7:10

2   ELEPHANT MEMORY (Brian Charette) 5:39

3   HARLEM NOCTURNE (Earle Hagan) 5:32

4   SILVER LINING (Brian Charette) 7:22

5   AS IF TO SAY (Brian Charette) 5:38

6   POWER FROM THE AIR (Brian Charette) 6:53

7   CHEROKEE (Ray Noble) 13:46

8   WANT (Brian Charette) 8:52

9   FRENZY (Brian Charette) 5:15

10 LOW TIDE (Brian Charette) 5:25


Total Playing Time 72:05


Listen to the album here: